Maharashtra police demolished KSA (Karnataka sports association) 4-1 in a deciding match to qualify for playoff stage of the MDFA super league.

It’s a very disappointing stuff for KSA who could not make their planning and dream to qualify in elite division in reality as they lost the deciding encounter against Maharashtra police.

As a better opponent maharashtra police played to their potential and make out play KSA and reserve a place in playoff stage of the super league with a easy 4-1 win. It looked like equal game in fist 20 minutes both team played to their plan and strength and manage to show quality football. The favorite man on st. Xavier ground parel is Faraz sheikh open an account with the brilliant free kicks for Maharashtra police.

Till the first half the game still looks equal it seems like KSA can manage to level the score board and they come very close to it in the beginning of second half when the nice constructive move took place between the KSA half line and a though ball by Rahul was an easy chance to level the scoreboard but titas uttankar failed to convert. It was the only stand-up move by KSA throughout the game.

Maharashtra police manage to penetrate KSA defense very easily there was no re tackle from KSA half line and it result them to down with 2 goals at 60 minutes off the game. Firoz Ali scored the second goal there after the third and fourth goal scored by Amjhat khan and Ajhar sheikh respectively for Maharashtra police very easily. Titas Uttankar looks very effective whenever he gets the ball and at 80th minute he scored and reduce the margin.