KSA (Karnataka sports associatian) has to wait after thrashing ICL in MDFA super league.

Prasant Moses hat-trick may a Christmas gift for him but it is not enough for KSA (Karnataka Sports Association) as they equal compenerues’s 15 points still one game on hand for comenerues. Maharashtra police another strong contender for the playoff stage has 13 points and one easy game on hand.

For KSA (Karnataka Sports Association) along with Christmas party they need to pray very hard and ask for a wish to Santa Claus so that the game of Maharashtra police against MPT (Mumbai port Trust) results a draw or MPT must win.If Maharashtra police lost this game they will not qualify with 13 points as well as if they manage a draw with 14 points also not enough and KSA will be through for the playoff stage of the league.

KSA thrash ICL 4-0 in this game. Prasant moses first hat-trick of the league, two in the first half and the third took place in second. Another scorer for the game is Titas uttankar who become the top scorer for KSA with 6 goals.ICL were looking very weak opponent though the first 15 minutes they were on the line but latter in the last 20 minutes off the first half game they lost the total control and KSA utilized it very well.

In Second half ICL was trying to defend the score board which has already booked with 3 and it wont remain till last as Prasant moses completed his hat-trick with the beautiful finish. Through out the game KSA half line was struggling they were riding on the wings off their defense line and striker, there were no constructive move takes place effectively except very few.