Twitter goes frenzy as Argentina and Lionel Messi bow out!

Some wonder goals, some unexpected twists, and Argentina are out of the tournament

A 7-goal thriller, end-to-end actions, incredible goals, Argentina vs France had it all. Both teams tried their best to get the better of the other, and in the end, it was France, with their young squad, that advanced into the quarterfinals.

France took an early lead through a penalty which Griezmann converted, and Angel Di Maria’s long-ranger restored the parity for Argentina. Mercado, against the flow of the game, gave Argentina the lead, but France scored three goals in a quick succession to seal the victory.

However, it was not over until the referee blew the final whistle as Aguero scored one back in the injury time. This is how Twitterati reacted to Argentina’s excruciating defeat.