Chetri picks the Greatest Ever Football Player

100th International

Sunil Chhetri recently helped India lift the Intercontinental Cup

When Sunil Chhetri incredibly controlled that through ball and slotted it past the Kenyan keeper, he was scripting history. He, with that goal, just equalled Argentina football player Lionel Messi, in terms of international goals, with both having 64 goals to their names.

Football fans across India have already started comparing Sunil Chhetri with the Argentinan legend, but the Indian skipper says “I will be very happy if he scores. I am his fan. I don’t take comparisons seriously. I don’t think anyone should. These are baseless. I hope Messi scores and Argentina do well,”

Many across the globe believe that Messi should win a FIFA World Cup or any other International silverware for Argentina if he has to be considered as a legend, let alone the greatest ever. However, Chhetri doesn’t think so.

“A lot of people say that since he hasn’t won the World Cup, he is not a great player or whatever…I think he is the greatest player ever to play football. He is extraordinary. I just hope, for his sake, that he does well and Argentina win the World Cup.” said Sunil Chhetri.

Cristiano Ronaldo is already 33-year-old, while his Argentinan rival is 30. At the time of Qatar World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi will be 37 and 33 respectively, but the Russian World Cup is not going to be their last, thinks Sunil Chhetri as he said, “I don’t think this would be Messi or Ronaldo’s last World Cup. They are so fit. Let’s turn our attention to Iniesta who is such a gifted footballer. This is set to be his last World Cup so let’s enjoy him play,”