Astonia Tech 2 crowned champions of Nashi Argan Pneuma Corporate Cup 2018

Tournament favourites lived up to their billings as Astonia Tech 2 were crowned champions of inaugural Nashi Argan Pneuma Corporate Cup.

The day began with the four semi-finalists facing each other for a spot in the finals. While Astonia Tech 2 faced off against Afcons, Astonia Tech 1 faced 63 Moons for a spot in final.

Riding on Tyson’s impressive four goal exploits, Astonia Tech 2 made a short work of Afcons as they defeated them by 8-0. Meanwhile in the other semi-final, 63 Moons had managed to weathered the storm in the first half creating some goal scoring chances, however a hat-trick from Nickinson alongside braces from Conrad and Jefferson led Astonia Tech 1 to whopping 10-1 win.

Semi-final 1: 63 Moons (Own Goal) 1 – 10 Astonia Tech 1 (Nickinson – 3 goals, Conrad – 2 goals, Jefferson – 2 goals, Joe, Glenn, Stephen)

Semi-final 2: Afcons 0 – 8 Astonia Tech 2 (Tyson – 4 goals, Rayyan – 2 goals, Nickel, Jaydeep)

After an early scare, in which Astonia Tech 2 conceded within minutes of kick-off, the pre-tournament favourites raised their intensity on attack to make an immediate comeback. Braces from Joy and Nickel and a goal from Joywin was enough as Astonia Tech 2 outclassed their opponents 5-2. An own goal alongside a goal from Jefferson kept Astonia Tech 1 in the game; however the defence eventually broke under sustained pressure from their opponents.

Final: Astonia Tech 1 (Own Goal, Jefferson) 2 – 5 Astonia Tech 2 (Nickel – 2 goals, Joy – 2 goals, Joywin)

Player of the tournament: Tyson

Man of the Final: Rayyan