Go Green begins with a bang! Under- 14 and Under- 17 is a complete football fiesta!

Held at the Don Bosco Grounds, Matunga the fifth edition of the Kenkre Go Green Cup was inaugurated today. It is a community based football tournament for children with five age groups for the participants right from under- 8 until under- 17.

Under-17 Day 1:

The highlight in this division was the match between K- Blues (runners up in the Kenkre Champions League just a day earlier) and Parasites (which featured some of the players of K- Greens who had defeated the K- Blues to win the same Champions League.

It was a cracker of a game, with both the teams attacking equally and one also got to witness good goalkeeping from both the ends. However, it was the sole goal by Shaun just under the first minute which gave the K- Blues their win. The game also saw the only red card of the day being awarded to Kashif Sayed for arguing with the referee.

Other results:

  • Warriors United v/s 7 Aces: 3-0

Ishan Jindal (1), Clivert Miller (1) and Raul (1)

  • Spartans v/s Don Bosco Shelter: 1-0

Ishan (1)

  • SSBM FC v/s 7 Aces: 4-0

Surya Naikar (3), Sabari Thevar (1)

  • Goals R Us v/s Orange Bleeders: 0-3

Ancel Andrews (2), Sanat Valladeres (1)


Under-14 Day 1:

The notable fixture was when Don Bosco Red were pitted against DPYA. After conceding the first goal courtesy Jatin just before the clock struck one minute, Don Bosco gathered themselves to score 7 goals to rest the final scorecard at 7-1.

While Atharva got a couple for himself, and Fabian scored on a penalty kick, the other four goals came from Lance, Aryan Hukumchand, Rajin and Bestus.

Other results:

  • Dadar FC B v/s St. Joseph: 0-11

Samad Patel (1), Ruben (1), Naresh (3), Divyansh (3), Twain (2) and Abhishek (1)

  • MVM All Stars v/s Red Devils: 1-0

Sushrut Shivade (1)

  • Indian Strikers v/s Dadar FC A: 2-0

Gyanendra Singh (1), Hrishikesh Yadav (1)

  • Don Bosco Green v/s Legendary 10: 0-1

Kian Guard (1)

  • Scottish 10 v/s Panthers: 0-1

Rudolf D’souza (1)

  • Don Bosco Blue v/s Bandra Stars: 0-4

Marwin (2), Keegan (1) and Keith (1)

  • FFFA v/s Galaxy Boyz A: 2-0

Dhairya (1), Ethan (1)

  • Real Mumbai v/s Black Stud: 4-0

Ishan (1), Raul Lewis (1), Aditya (1) and Rayaan (1)

Thus, the day came to end with a total of exciting 14 matches being played out in the Under- 17 and Under- 14 categories, and we’ll come back with news of some more that are to be played out tomorrow!