Mumbai City FC trio take on the man from France!

When three players of Mumbai City FC (Bipin Thounojam, Lucian Goian and Pranjal Bhumij) met a tall Frenchman during a team training session at the NMASA Training Ground (Navi Mumbai) they participated in a ‘Nutmeg Challenge’. The rules were simple: the three had to take the ball off the Frenchman without being nutmegged. Though Thounojam and Bhumji lost their respective rounds still Goian successfully tackled and thwarted a nutmeg attempt. The Frenchman was Sean Garnier!

Arnaud “Séan” Garnier is a French freestyle football legend. He reached the pinnacle of the sport by winning the 2008 Red Bull Street Style World Finals in São Paulo, Brazil. He revolutionized freestyle football with his unique style. His football videos are an education in itself! Garnier (sponsored by Red Bull) also participated in the 2016 Premier Futsal League in India.