KheloMore-Sports United initiative ‘Fastest 5K’ gets thumbs up from city football clubs

Mumbai is all set to welcome the monsoon season along with gloomy rainy days for young footballers. KheloMore – Sports United initiative ‘Fastest 5K’ is here to make most of this time

Key characteristics of physical fitness required for a complete footballer are aerobic, the capability of a player to maintain a high level of intensity throughout the game and anaerobic endurance, which means running speed and particularly repeat sprint ability.

This off-season, in order to provide kids with an avenue to work on their physical fitness and add a competitive edge to their training schedule, KheloMore has partnered with Sports United to organize Fastest 5k, an ultimate 5km run challenge. The trilogy run starts in June with a run in the beautiful smart city of Navi Mumbai, followed by a 5km race through the heartbeat of Mumbai and finally through the green lungs of the scenic Thane district. Each of the timed 5km races offers spectacular routes, the best on-route support, and the most amazing finish-line experience! The top 3 young runners will win a trophy and a scholarship along with a Winner Kit comprising of shoes, 321 sportswear apparel kit, accessories along with free training at the best academies in Mumbai.

“It’s a wonderful concept and the need of the hour for the monsoon for young sports enthusiasts. I have recommended all kids training with me at Sporko FC and MDFA to participate in the run” – Siddharth Sabhapathy, Founder – Community FCI Sporko (Batches and Class Schedule)

“It is important to challenge yourself day in and day out to be your better self. I’d recommend kids to take up the challenge and train to run the Fastest 5k” – Ajay Menon, Founder – Forza India Academy (Batches and Class Schedule)

“Running is a key component of football training. Running 5 km by a 12-16 year athlete will build endurance and lower body strength and get them ready for the regular season. FSI endorses this as a unique innovative idea which offers a new element in monsoon fitness routine” – Hemant Pawale, Head Coach – Football School of India (Batches and Class Schedule)

Words from the organizer

Fastest 5k, the first of its kind in India, takes you through the best routes of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai and caps it with an inter-linking 3 piece medal. Fastest 5k trilogy caters to identify a pool of talent from the grassroots level and nurture it – Siddharth Gupta, Founder – Sports United

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