GRIT to conduct Wellness Programs for sports professionals


The Athlete Wellness Program is an initiative by GRIT Sport & Exercise Psychology Consultancy with a strong intention to help our athlete community talk and express themselves about their mental health, uncomfortable situations & their feelings in a non-judgmental environment.

Breathing in a performance oriented environment for most of their lives, Players constantly feel like they are under the radar, unable to express emotions completely, specially sadness, anger, disappointment & frustration with a fear of being judged or perceived as weak for letting their emotions take over them. It is tough to put up a brave face every single time, while they feel otherwise. Hence, this program titled ‘ITS OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY’ will focus on unconditional self acceptance and being non-judgmental towards themselves.

Date – 4th May, 2019
Time – 5pm to 6.30pm
Venue – Soul Club, Sunrise, 24th Road, Bandra West, Mumbai – 400050
Registration fee – INR 700/-

Help a fellow athlete friend and avail 15% off by registering together.

About GRIT

GRIT is a Sport and Exercise Psychology Consultancy that aims at improving performance, satisfaction and wellbeing of athletes, exercisers and professionals, from various domains. GRIT’s mission is to bridge the gap between performance in training and competitions, making sportsperson competitive at a global level. GRIT envisions itself as creating widespread acceptance of the importance of mental skills, so that coaches and administrators focus on psychological development along with physical development.

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