Aishwarya Balapure: “Our squad have 4-5 players who belong from slums.”

Over the years, we have seen numerous players who had to define the Tournament or Championship just by their natural talent. In the recently played WIFA Women’s Championship, it was Aishwarya Balapure who produced some magical moments for herself and most importantly, Mr. Vinay Murgod’s passionate and courageous side – United Poona SA (UPSA).

Aishwarya displayed brilliant performance in the Group Stages where she notched up 5 goals to guide United Poona SA into the semis. “Our squad have 4-5 players who belong from slums. We have been providing them the opportunities to improve themselves. It is their dream to play for the National side in the future.”

Aishwarya further added: “It is been over 18 years since the UPSA Academy is encouraging the underprivileged children who have no background. We are their role models, they are the stars of the next generation.”

For having an impressive Tournament, Aishwarya was awarded the ‘Best Player’ Award. But during the presentation, she asked each and every player to join her, mentioning that it is their efforts on whom she has shined throughout the Championship.

A brilliant gesture to acknowledge her teammates who have been equally terrific throughout. She also mentioned her teammate Dhanashri Landge who scored a goal earlier in the Tournament. Dhanashri has been recruited from the slums which send a strong message to rest of the kids and children to never give up on their dreams.

“We have trained professionally, we play to improve and not to win. We do it for the team, I have done it for the team. I scored so I won the ‘Best Player’ award, but if the defenders and midfielders don’t pass me the ball, I wouldn’t have scored. I don’t deserve this award, the whole team does,” Aishwarya concluded.