Shahrukh Sayed Star as Bad Boys defeat We Care 1-0

MDFA (Mumbai District Football Association)

Shahrukh Sayed’s 55th minute Goal pushed Bad Boys to a win as they defeated Sporting We Care in the 2nd Division MDFA (Mumbai District Football Association) Match held at Xavier’s Ground ‘Parel’ on 16th April, 2015.

Bad Boys played their first play- off match and won it by defeating Sporting We Care 1-0. While We Care lost their second play-off match today. The First play-off match being against Atlanta F.C on 14th April, which they had lost 1-0 and the second defeat came today as another setback to the We Care team.

The match was pretty tense in the first half with Bad Boys looking for a win to kick start their Play-off matches and We Care wanting a win desperately.  This was visibly seen as the match commenced further with players not able to display their skills under pressure. With a few worthy attempts at goal, fouls and injuries the first half ended.

As the second half began, We Care players began making mistakes and Bad Boys began taking advantage of the situation by maintaining ball possession and attacking the We Care goal vigorously.

Moreover, Shazaan Khan, Nikhil Patel and Blake D’souza the key players for the We Care team couldn’t do much.  Shazaan had a chance at goal with Zaid Shaikh, the Bad Boys goalkeeper out of his box in the 48th minute but the bicycle kick wasn’t timed well and the score remained the same.

Soon the only goal of the game came in the 55th minute when Shahrukh Sayed of Bad Boys scored from the right wing a perfect volley which Akshay Sakpal, the We Care goalkeeper failed to punch away, the score reading 1-0.

With a strong defence and midfield Bad Boys deterred all  We Care attacks and as the final whistle blew, Bad Boys had Defeated We Care 1-0.

Bad boys will play their next match on Saturday against Atlanta F.C and both the teams would be looking for a win so they can move a step closer to the 2nd division title 2014-15.