Mumbai City FC thrills its fans at Palava!

  • ISL's-Mumbai-City-FC-team-with-Steve-Darby,-Assistant-Coach-at-Palava-for-a-special-workshop-with-60-kids
    ISL's Mumbai City FC team with Steve Darby, Assistant Coach at Palava for a special workshop with 60 kids
  • Local-boy-Abhishek-Yadav-training-the-kids-at-Palava
    Local boy Abhishek Yadav training the kids at Palava
  • Mumbai-City-FC-Player-Manuel-Friedrich-trying-his-hands-at-golf-at-Palava
    Mumbai City FC Player Manuel Friedrich trying his hands at golf at Palava
  • Mumbai-City-FC-players-spent-a-relaxed-day-at-Palava-with-a-round-of-Golf
    Mumbai City FC players spent a relaxed day at Palava with a round of Golf
  • Mumbai-City-FC-Players-Syed-Rahim-Nabi-and-Nadong-Bhutia-training-with-their-young-fans-at-Palava
    Mumbai City FC Players Syed Rahim Nabi and Nadong Bhutia training with their young fans at Palava
  • Mumbai-City-FC-Player-Subrata-Paul-conducting-a-training-session-for-kids-at-Palava
    Mumbai City FC Player Subrata Paul conducting a training session for kids at Palava
  • Mumbai-City-FC-Player-Syed-Rahim-Nabi-entertaining-his-young-fans-at-Palava
    Mumbai City FC Player Syed Rahim Nabi entertaining-his young fans at Palava
  • Rohit-Mirza-teaching-the-Kids-some-football-tricks-at-Palava
    Rohit Mirza teaching the Kids some football tricks at Palava

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