MDFA League Matches : Results – 17th April to 3rd May 2014

Elite Division Play-off 

Air India beat Indian Navy [3-0] [Date: 3rd May, 2014]

ONGC beat RCF [4-0] [Date: 2nd May, 2014]

Mumbai Customs beat RCF [2-0] [Date: 30th April, 2014]

ONGC drew with Mumbai Customs [0-0]  [Date: 28th April, 2014]

Air-India beat RCF  [4 (Allan Dias, Okorogor Praise, ND Opara, Anees K)-1 (Kuldip Masih)]  [Date: 27th April, 2014]

Super Division 

Mumbai FC u-19 drew with Dena Bank [0-0]  [Date: 3rd May, 2014]

Air India u-19 beat GM Police [3 (Prathamesh Kasare 48th minute, Henderson Dias 67th minute, Sohail Khatri 69th minute)-1 (Deepak Kharatmal 5th minute)]  [Date: 2nd May, 2014]

Bank of India beat Central Railway (M,D) [4 (Yogendra Lad 49th minute, Tushar Kadam 77th minute, a brace from  Cleutus Chandrashekar 82nd & 88th minutes)-0] [Date: 2nd May, 2014]

Intellinet FC (Serco) beat Sunday Boys [7 (Hat-tricck by Snowden Pereira 13th,28th & 60th minutes respectively, hat-trick by Rahul Ahire 37th, 61st & 81st minute respectively, Adrian Pereira 50th minute)-1 (Amritraj 15th minute)] [Date: 1st May, 2014]

Bank of India beat Fr. Agnel Gym. [6 (A brace from Rahul Solanki 75th & 86th minutes, 4 goals by Jagdish Mhadada  8th,12th,26th &78th minute respectively)-0] [Date: 30th April, 2014]

Bombay Gym. beat Spring Fields [2 (Walter Lic 8th minute, Siddharth Pinto 12th minute)-0] [Date: 29th April, 2014]

Mumbai Muslims beat Central Railway (Mumbai division) [3 (Praganesh Solanki, Piyush Salunkhe, Naeem Ansari)-1 (Asif Jamal)] [Date: 29th April, 2014]

Dena Bank beat Sunday Boys [2 (Hemant Meher 26th minute, Wenoyl Dias 48th minute)-0] [Date: 27th April, 2014]

Wellingdon Gym. drew with Mumbai FC u-19 [0-0] [Date: 27th April, 2014]

Byculla Utd beat DECA [6 (Hat-trick by Kevin D’souza, Angelo Fernandes,  Asltad Sarkari, Neal Khandagale  )-0] [Date: 26th April, 2014]

Juhu Spark beat Spring Field [3 (Jorden Creado 30th minute, Reynold Murzeco 57th minute, Manoj Upadhyay 65th minute )-1 ( Staffan Thomas 47th minute)] [Date: 25th April, 2014]

Dena Bank beat Intellinet FC (Serco) [1 (Hemant Meher 49th minute)-0] [Date: 25th April, 2014]

Bank of India beat Kenkre u-19 [5 (A brace from Jagdish Mhadada 44th & 84th minutes, Rahul Solanki 55th minute, Shadab Sheikh 69th minute, Cleutus Chandrashekar 83rd minute)-1 ( Abuzar Beg 34th minute)] [Date: 23rd April, 2014]

St. Sebastian Boys beat Fr. Agnel Gym [3 (Calton D’mello 1 75th minute, a brace from Troy Nunes 79th and 88th minutes) )-2 (Nikhil Sawant  82nd minute, Tushar Patil 55th minute)] [Date: 22nd April, 2014]

KSA beat Income Tax [2 (Vishal Venugopal 33rd minute, Kenneth Desena 62nd minute )-1 (Prathamesh Powale 14th minute] [Date: 22nd April, 2014]

Young Boys beat State Bank of India  [4 (Ansari Saquib 40th minute, Ansari Al-Umair 8th minute, Ansari Farhan jr. 26th minute, Khan Anees 11th minute)-2 (Royston Chatteron 36th minute, Imran Khan 23rd minute] [Date: 21st April, 2014]

Dena Bank beat Rhema SF [4 (A brace from Wemoyl Dias  21st & 60th minutes, Valentine Pereira 86th minute, Hemant Meher 65th minute)-1 (Tabish Sayed 28th minute)] [Date: 21st April, 2014]

Wellingdon Gymkhana beat D’Assisi SC [3 ( Thapa Kaluram 16th minute, Meric Fernandes 38th minute, David D’souza 39th minute)-0] [Date: 19th April, 2014]

Air India U-19 beat Soccer XI [1 (Sohail Khatri 41st minute)-0] [Date: 19th April, 2014]

Income Tax beat Mumbai muslim [4 (Bhomeet Vathan two goals, Madan Takelia, Prathamesh Pawal)-0]  [Date: 17th April, 2014]

1st Division

Alphonso ACD beat Soccer A-Z [4 (A brace from Sherwin Gonsalves 21st & 28th minutes, Prathamesh  Mhatre 34th minute, Lawson Moraes 59th minute)-1 (Prasant Sonavana 51st minute)] [Date: 3rd May, 2014]

Chemburites FC beat Blitzkrieg FC [4 (HNat-trick by ishad Govindan  18th,22nd and 30th minutes, Erwin Fernandes 28th minute)-1 (Ralph Virgas)] [Date: 2nd May, 2014]

Reserve Bank of India beat Goan’s SA [5 (Rolfred Cutinho 10th minute, Elroy Fernandes 55th minute, Hriday Siethi 51st minute, a brace from Joshuo Fernendes 3rd & 41st minutes)-0] [Date: 29th April, 2014]

Dadar XI beat Cheeda Nagar Prodigies [2 (Alex Ambrose 20th minute, Anthony Fernandes 42nd minute)-1 (Rameez Dalvi 39th minute)] [Date: 27th April, 2014]

West Zone Utd. beat Dhobitalao Young Boys [2 (Nitin Singh, Zaid Meeran)-1 (Nobert Fernandes)] [Date: 27th April, 2014]

Rhino SC beat Spartan FC [2 (Alok Thakkar, Ashish Merchande)-1 (Anoop B)] [Date: 27th April, 2014]

Millwall FC beat Magic Bus [1 (Dylan Nandes 26th minute)-0] [Date: 26th April, 2014]

PRS Bacon beat Falcon Mulund [3 (Aldrich Moares 19th minute, a brace from Ryan D’Mello 48th & 61st minute)-0]  [Date: 23rd April, 2014]

RBI beat Desperados [1 (Floyd Dharmia 20th minute)-0] [Date: 22nd April, 2014]

PIFA Colaba u-19 beat Soccer A-Z [2 ( A brace from Robert Elangouan 34th & 46th minutes)-0]  [Date: 20th April, 2014]

Vintage Dahisar Utd beat PRS Bacon [1 (Richie Matthew 3rd minute)-0] [Date: 20th April, 2014]

Chedda Nagar Prodigies held Theresian FC [2 (Gaurav Adhakari, Sudhir Holla)-2 (Darius Fernandes, Amit Parmar )] [Date: 19th April, 2014]

Chemburites beat Rhino SC. [2 (Nishad Govindan 29th minute, Ankur Natekar 51st minute)-1 ( Rohit Mukul 39th minute)] [Date: 19th April, 2014]

MPT Sc. beat Holly cross [6 (Hat-trick by Ganesh, Istiyaque, Aniket Gaikwad, Vinayak Dalvi )-0]  [Date: 17th April, 2014]


2nd division play-off

ESIC beat Franco SC [4 (Ajay Rane  15th minute, Alsofveer 22nd minute, Sinu S. 39th minute, Aditya Kerkar 58th minute)-0] [Date: 3rd May, 2014]

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