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Consequence of I-league, Eventuality of the ISL

As we go into the fourth season of the Indian Super League – ISL, the Ambani’s have created a revolution in the football circuit of the country.  Star players, packed stadiums, excellent broadcast quality,...

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The other side of Indian football

While the players are slowly seeing growth in their salary caps and recognition, there’s still another side of Indian football that is still lagging behind. From poor ground conditions, lack of proper medical assistances...


How much of Indian Super League is helping?

While the debate of India’s premiere tournament between ISL and I league continuous to exist, a look at the big new branded league that is terming itself as game changer in Indian football, will...

Pradeep Mohanraj of Mumbai FC 0

Mumbai FC add Pradeep Mohanraj to their squad

Mumbai – 14th October, 2014: Mumbai FC have signed 23 year old midfielder, Pradeep Mohanraj to their squad. Pradeep last played for the Mumbai Tigers Football Club that was disbanded earlier this year. Prior...