Community Football Training Program

CFTP is an initiative to make India healthy, we have created a pool of amateur/professional players who come together and enjoy the beautiful game of football. What are your waiting for? Join the community of football lovers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it natural grass ground or artificial turf?

You will get either of them depending on the availability.

2. How much time will I get to play?

We take only limited players, in the case of 6v6, 12 players then your playtime will be full (1 hour) likewise it may vary if players increases.

3. Will I get Playing kit?

No, we do not provide playing kit at the moment.

4. How many days in a week to play?

4 days a week.

5. What if I miss the training session?

No problem, next week you can continue.

6. Can I cancel the subscription in between?  

Yes, the subscription can be canceled anytime. Once you have canceled your subscription you will still be able to train for the remainder of the current billing cycle, after which you will lose all access.